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We developed MoneyScanner, an online comparison tool, to help you save up to 90% of charges on your transactions as opposed to using your bank. With just one click you are now able to get all the important information for your foreign currency transfer.

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Avoid bank fees when you send money abroad using online money transfer services. You can now compare exchange rates of various providers, fees charged per transaction, transfer speed and more of existing online remittance services, updated on a daily basis.

Our service is completely free and accessible for everyone. We have done all the difficult tasks to find the best currency transfer companies for USD and INR transfers and we are glad to offer you our independent comparison. You don't need to sign up or provide us any information to use MoneyScanner.

Use our tool for conversions from USD/GBP/EUR to INR/Yuan or vice versa as the case may be for clients dealing in such currencies.